Senator Rand Paul’s letter for National Association of Gun Rights

Let’s get serious: “Gun-grabbers around the globe…”, “Obama Administration working hand-in-glove with the United Nations for the U.N. small Arms Treaty.”  Etc, Etc, Etc,.  The U.N. has been registering guns, especially Americans, scare these powerful elitists of wannabe world-rulers, but realize they can’t do what Lenin did with his ‘fools’.  Instead, they lie into treaties when they get a little braver or the ‘time is right’.  Now, they must believe the gun-grabbers and their useful idiots will get them their treaty!  The consequences of that scenario, should they will be the greatest crime wave of non-compliance, resistance, and possibly non-enforcement by authority who might not want to face armed mobs with the break down of law and order.

If the U.N. elitists don’t get their treaty, they’ll keep trying and trying until their persistence wears down the opposition and, eventually, they’ll have their way! Why?  Go back to their roots — their first attempt for a world HQ was the League of Nations.  Twenty-five years later, one of our greatest TRAITORS gave them the United Nations.  It was supposed to be a place for the international companies to iron out their differences!  In the 1960s, they outed the truth — the global government!

Lets get serious!  The U.N. and their Establishment boosters, except the U.N. elitists, serve the Establishment, have the heavy artillery.  Artillery is used to soften up the enemy so they can be conquered.  For sixty years the Conservatives have been fighting them with BB guns!  How much efforts and BBs have been wasted by the issue fighters on their trying to even slow down the enemy within our midst.  The consequences of those efforts is an Administration of Communists dictating unconstitutional laws, destroying the people’s freedoms, rights, private property and Rule of Law — destroying the Constitution!

The understanding of America’s anti-American Constitution-destroyers within America’s midst comes from forty-years of researching ‘What Happened to America’.  That researching, digging out the WHY, WHO, and HOW of America’s enemy within our midst sums up as follows: “The untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the undermining of America’s foundation, culture, patriotism, and the Founder’s principles, the Constitution, by the anti-American Socialists on a free road, protected by the high and mighty of traitors, treachery, and treason for a global government of world Socialism under the United Nations.”  Untold and unknown because it has been censored by omission from the mass media since 1915, from the influence of the High and Mighty of the ‘new world order’.

The Constitutional Foundation moves to break the Socialist’s movement in America.  The solution, coming from the knowledge of understanding the enemy in America’s midst is doable, but not by shooting BBs.  The turning point occurs when the enemy goes on the defensive.  That will force the enemy out of the way and their destruction is assured.  The force that will create destroying the enemy requires Patriotic Americans to coalesce around the common solution and move in the same direction.  That will create the force to make America’s enemy within our midst the Traitors they are, subject to prosecution for Treason for destroying the Constitution.  It is absolutely asinine and insane to allow America’s enemy within our midst to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution!  Enact the solution and that can be stopped before it even takes root!

Toby Elster


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