To the National Rifle Association

‘We Need to Take This Country Back and DO IT RIGHT NOW”, NRA Board Member R. Lee ‘Gunny’ Ermey; a voice finally from the NRA who understands what it is going to take to save, not only the 2nd amendment, but the Constitution’s Rule of Law.  It’s Americas foundation that is being undermined!

Four of the five ‘Mail Call’ letters touching on the same message, who do not seem to understand that gun registration and confiscation came with the United Nations, from it’s inception, knowing they were to be the leaders of a socialized world global government.  But not as long as the people had guns!

“What if” writes Dave Salmon, “Do we practice civil disobedience…?”  The Occupiers, U.N.’s useful idiots tried that.  “Holder Must Go” of Fast and Furious fame, already a two-year effort for justice, won’t go until Obama goes.  So what will it take to get America back, “Right Now”?

Doing background checks on the wannabe elected to check their loyalty will be a start.  To make traitors of our anti-American Constitution-destroyers, punishable for Treason will destroy them, get them out of the way, and “Right Now” starts when that message becomes common knowledge.  The grassroots will see to it happening!

Toby Elster


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