What Does It Mean?

On February 19th, 2012, Brit Hume of Fox News had a one hour interview of George H.W. Bush.  What is behind it?  Possibly a George H.W. Bush’s life story to be part of Senior Bush’s Library & Museum?  Perhaps something else?

The broadcast was narrated by Hume who asked the lead questions.  Answers came immediately and covered his life from the start through growing up and moving to Midland, Texas to start an oil exploration company, and his presidency.  What was omitted?

Political H.W. Bush reiterated, by a replay of the actual, his ‘read my lips’ promised speech.  But what your Constitutional Foundation didn’t hear was a total silence about George H.W. Bush’s statement of being a ‘new world order’ believer.  H.W. Bush was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, of which the inner-sanctum is the ‘High and Mighty’ of a United Nation’s global government.  That means America must yield her economic and military might, Her sovereignty, to the United Nations, should global government ever come to be. That is why the High and Mighty got Obama into the presidency to do.  And trying, understanding his lies, is all he is trying to get done with his cabal of czars, marching to his orders.

TCF wonders if George HW Bush realizes being a ‘new world order’ believe means America giving up Her sovereignty?  Does he still claim to be of the ‘new world order’, serving the High and Mighty?  Bush followed the United Nations, allowing their nose once again into America’s foreign policy, dictates, of the Gulf War to the ‘T’. The UN never wants dictators destroyed and HW Bush allowed Iraq’s to survive after driving his army out of the other Persian Gulf’s country.  He stopped the GUlf War to the disgust of America’s Commanding General at the UN’s request.  He joined with Bill Clinton on a UN mercy mission and still not a word of HW Bush’s beliefs of a ‘new world order’.

Just mentioning American history that will never be in the history books.  When is America’s useful idiots who we elect as leaders and law makers going to realize what goes on among the Establishment?

Toby Elster


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