Mountain States Legal Foundation ‘Save the Ballot Project’

The Constitutional Foundation replies to the MSLF with comments and solutions.  That is all we are capable of, and wishing you good luck, for America’s sake.  TCF’s principles have an in-depth understanding of America’s anti-American Constitution-destroyers enemy in America’s midst.  Colorado gave us a great one in Salazar.  That insight comes from forty years of researching ‘What Went Wrong with America’.  It led to an understanding of the WHY, WHO, and HOW of America’s enemy in our midst.  Those who have caused America’s internal war, which America must win for America’s survival of a great nation of freedoms and rights.  The enemy who caused the MSLF to move from trying cattle rustlers to fight the ACORNS who undermine Section 8 of the CRA.

First, a couple of point leading comments.  Christian Adams’ note states that William Perry Pendley had victories before the Supreme Count protecting our rights.  Thank you!  But TCF wonders who is going to save the Constitution?  Your letter stated, “It all comes from the top…”  So does Socialism, followed by Communism.  That is what the MSLF’s letter summarizes too.

The Constitutional Foundation speaks from knowledge and experiences.  It’s forty years of research is summed up in the article, ‘The High and Mighty’.  To fulfill TCF’s promises, the first step had to be exposing the socialization of America.  From never-heard or read about socialism in America, and against expert advice it couldn’t be done, TCF exposed the socialization of America in a mere four years.  In 2008, the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles about Socialism in America.  Obama is saving TCF the task of informing America what Socialism is.  He is doing it be demonstrating it the Communist way!  It has been a year or so since TCF moved with the solution to America’s internal war of defeating the enemy of America.

TCF realized, America’s internal war can be won by Patriotic Americans only if a broad panoramic approach to America’s situation of an enemy in Her midst.

Toby Elster


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