Open Letter to Representative Paul Labrador

According to the Human Events, February 20th, Reporter Tony lee writes you are a fighter for what you believe.  That means there are at least a few of us around — the ones who make things happen.

The Constitutional Foundation came to be in 2002 after 40 years of finding the answers to WHY, WHO, and HOW America got into the internal war she finds herself in.  TCF fulfilled part of it’s mission in a mere four years.  We exposed the socialization of America, from the day ‘Socialism’ brought forth, ‘What do you mean? Socialism is dead!’.  And America’s enemy within our midst, destroying the Constitution, is found in every facet of American society, nullifying freedoms. rights, rule of law, etc.  The 60 years of efforts of the conservatives to stop socialism in America (which they didn’t recognize as such) has been a disaster, to say the least.  They overlook the principles of winning a war, and that includes America’s internal war against Her enemy in Her midst:

One: A war cannot be won if the enemy is in your midst.  It is an insanity to allow the enemy to use the Constitution to destroy it!

Two: A complete victory cannot be obtained with the enemy in the way.  This is why Congress is deadlocked.

Three:  With any solution, the enemy must be destroyed and rendered powerless PERMANENTLY!  There are always power-hungry wannabes who know they can rule the world, so the ‘isms’ of Fascism arise from the dead.  The foundation of America being socialized came from the Hegel Progressives in the mid 1800s.  The Fabians came in 1899 to socialize America.  Neither Socialism or Communism died when the wall came down. Only their names changed.

When the message of the Solution to save America from her wannabe global government establishment becomes common knowledge, the enemy in our midst goes on the defensive.  Getting them out of the way commences. Representative Labrador’s campaign for reelection should add the message of the solution!

Toby Elster


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