Some Food for Thought 3/13/2012

Your Constitutional Foundation is an idea machine.  Ideas that will work or have worked that need reviewing.  It is an obvious fact that when government encroaches on volunteerism, the volunteers move out and let the government paid bureaucrats do, and efficiency begins a decline, cost climb, for what volunteers did.

An introduction to the work that the Salvation Army brings to mind a prime example of how politicians with their ‘nanny state’ mentality distortions and voter-buying screw things up royally, while emptying their pocketbooks and wallets.  And we are told how much ‘good’ they are doing the people.  Those political efforts are the road to a society’s self-induced Socialism.

During the first half of the Great Depression, there was no government welfare.  The churches and charity helped the needy with soup kitchens, etc.  People helped each other.  There was a cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles that fed all who came to eat.  If they couldn’t pay, nothing was said.  No one died of starvation.  Life was miserable for many, especially those who followed the crops to harvest them, but all survived.  All they wanted was work.  Then FDR, as President, put the government into the welfare business.  His socialists’ beliefs had farmers plowing up crops — but no my father.  He, an FDR supporter, said no, not as long as people are hungry, and if a crop was going to rot in the field, he let people come and help themselves.

Government welfarism blossomed and grew as charity took a back seat.  As the bureaucracy expanded,, not from need but politicians buying votes, efficiency went south.  Today, for every dollar of government welfarism, probably $0.50 is overhead costs.  Welfarism is an over bloated, riddled with fraud and feather-bedding, multi-hundred billions of dollars bureaucracy, always crying for more money!

In listening to a director for the Salvation Army briefing us on the work for the needy, children, homeless, etc., programs my mind backtracked to the 30’s.  If the people got by and made it on so little, why is the government in the welfare business spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars — and always needing more.  The 30’s charity was a stop-gap short time need.  By the 40’s, America was doing lend-lease to Britain and the war plants were needing workers.  But ever since, the government gets deeper and deeper into welfarism.  Of every dollar the Salvation Army receives, $0.83 of it is used on their charity programs.  So why does the government have such a wasteful program?  There is a way to save the tax payers a few hundred billion dollars annually and get better service for the needy — and help to get out of their situation.  Something to think about!

Toby Elster


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