Open Letter to the College Republicans National Committee

‘P.S., Our conservative cause is stronger because you care…’  first, assuming the conservative cause mentioned is of the Constitutional conservatives which you letter speaks, and not the other side of the Republican Party.  The side not of the RINO’s or moderates, which also hides the Socialists of America’s anti-American Establishment of the Neo-Conservatives and their useful idiots.  It’s the Conservatives who speak the truths, the patriotic ones, who are being addressed.

Reviewing comments on the CRNC’s website, it appears TCF is not going wrong to any degree, to get it’s message to the Republicans who will lead America tomorrow.  The Constitutional Foundation writes to make sure there will be the Founder’s COnstitution ruling with the Rule of Law, and not of men on Obama’s cabals terms.  TCF understands the mentality and objectives of Obama and the like ones, and more.  Furthermore, the enemy within America’s midsts movement has the heavy artillery and the force of their media while the Constitutional Conservatives, unorganized, have been trying to fight them with BB guns; should you wonder why the Obama cabal occupies the White House.  If patriotic Americans are going to win the war for America’s soul and direction, that situation must be addressed by more than electing friends of America.  We are fighting those who never quite and persist.

Pecking away with issues has proven ineffective.  Would a veto-proof Congress in the 2012 election be a solution?  Only to the point of slowing them, possibly set them back, but it will not destroy them.  They must be taken out of America’s midst if America is to be restored to Her Founder’s principles.  Then every election is a danger to them arising again.  Congressmen can be bought!

As the College Republicans National Committee moves with the Party on the critical issues to slow and stop America’s anti-American Constitution-destroyers, the permanent solution should be mentioned as the next step to insure America’s Constitutional foundation stays as the Founders intended.

Toby Elster


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