Re: ‘The Cheated Generation’ Human Events

I’ll try to be brie summarizing a thousand page, if it was, book, ‘The Cheated Generations’ — ask me about it!  You were very generous about us WWII Vets.  As one who served, I’m telling the few left, it was a real dirty big double-cross.  We were sent to save freedom, while those who sent us were destroying the freedoms for Americans.

As the founder of the Constitutional Foundation, that came from 40 years of researching ‘Why America Went Wrong’.  After I discovered America had an enemy in her midst destroying Her foundation, the Constitution.  We have won our first battle, in a mere four years, exposing the socialization of America.  In 2008, the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles about socialism in America.

TCF’s feedback, says were are on the right track to save America by destroying America’s anti-American soclalizers of America for a global government.  The 40 years research uncovered the WHY, WHO, and HOW of America being socialized.  That sums up as follows:  ‘The untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the undermining of America’s foundation, culture, patriotism, religion, Rule of Law, and the Founder’s principles, the Constitution, by the anti-American Socialists on a free road, protected by the High and Mighty of Traitors, Treachery, and Treason for a global government of Socialism under the United Nations.”  Sans explanations of why, that movement comes from the inner-sanctum of the Council of Foreign Relations’ elitists, commonly known as the Establishment and their useful idiots.

The research into the enemy’s minds and methods to know what went wrong, also holds the answers of why the enemy in our midst couldn’t even be slowed, and more so, the solution.  It leaves us confident a third party is not the answer.  Notice the history of the Libertarian’s efforts.  Worst of all, a third party will give the Socialists empowerment; ala Ross Perot, giving Clinton a second term.  The answer is the Patriotic Americans to take over the Republican Party through the Tea Parties.  That can be done by coalescing the Parties with a common solution for a common goal — the destruction of America’s foreign ideological enemy of anti-Americans who must be gotten out of the way if America is to be restored to Her greatness by accomplishing the goals of the Universal Political Party.  A veto-proof Congress in 2012 will not destroy the enemy!

Toby Elster


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