America is for Americans! There is an answer

How do Democrats always move toward their goal of socializing America — while the Republicans squander in their dust?

The Establishment, TCF’s High and Mighty, are well organized, have a common goal, the Socialization of America, and their multitude of offshoot organizations, pulling in the same direction, make much of the unorganized, uncoalesed, uncentered, moving in their own issue oriented direction without a mention of america’ common problem or any solution to it, as they struggle in all direction to little, if any success.  Which answers the question, why did America end up with a cabal of Communist Czars overlording the destroying the Constitution?  How discouraging is the Republican leadership facing the enemy in our midst?  It is an insanity of them allowing America’s enemy in Her midst, to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution!  It is pathetic leadership that allows themselves to be fooled again and again.

The Conservatives buzz around the enemy in our midst, occasionally the Establishment swats a few, sicks their attack dogs on them to destroy those who become too influential.  But mostly the Conservative leaders are stepped around or allow the enemy an end-run, as they continue their destruction of America’s foundation, the Constitution, attaining their objective.  And the conservatives continue to do the same ineffective efforts that has failed them for sixty years.There is a way for the conservatives to win America’s internal war against her enemy within our midst.  But they cannot win that, or any war, if an enemy inhabitates, and is allowed their destruction of America’s foundation, in their midst.

The first and most important move, to win America’s internal war, is to get the conservative leadership with new and different ways to attack, those who understand the roots of America’s foreign ideological problems.

The solutions to those ideologues undermining America’s foundation is put forth by the Constitutional Foundation in the papers, ‘America Needs Internal Security’, of different ideas to win Patriotic American’s war by those who understand the roots of America’s problem.

Toby Elster


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