Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes

Our sympathy goes out to all our Veterans while we can wish them well.  During my days as a fighter pilot, I buried several of our fellow soldiers.

In 1970, I discovered what we fought for, and many died for, many were wounded, was being threatened, worse then when we fought Hitler or the Communist of Vietnam, and elsewhere, by an internal enemy within our midst.  They are not only in our midst, fighting an intneral war to change America into what we fought against in the foreign wars; and they were and are winning. Today that enemy in our midst and his cabal of Communists, are undermining the Constitution and America’s foundation of freedoms, rights, private property, Rule of Law — all the Constitution’s principles, for their beliefs of a proven sure to fail system.

Curiosity forced me to research the Why, Who, and How of America’s enemy within our midst.  From that came the solution of how to stop and destroy them.  The Constitutional Foundation fights that battle, practically alone and with meager funds.  People do not give for the benefits they do not understand, so we hope and believe they will fill the CSAH’s coffers for what they intend.  Hopefully CSAH understands, for America’s sake.  Because first priorities must come first.  Otherwise, should the enemy in our midst prevail, there will not be any means for the CSAH’s to even exist.

Toby Elster


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