‘Forgery’ Item of Interest 3/5/12 TWT National Weekly

‘Forgery’ concerning Obama’s birth and Sheriff Arpaio’s charged by the Justice Department.  I am not a ‘birther’ and certainly don’t question the Sheriff’s professional integrity or his criminal atuned mind.  But in 40 years researching the minds of Socialists and Communists, the why, who and how America got a Communist cabal administration, I’m atuned to those minds and can understand their words’ meaning and behavior.  If Obama can be kicked out of office, I’m all for it, but something about Obama’s birth sticks in my mind.  Was Obama’s father, not his father?  There is a Frank Davis mentioned often in the picture.  He was in Hawaii when Obama’s mother was 18, and knew the family.  He was also African-American and a Communist.  Could he be Obama’s true father, and that is what is being hid?  Perhaps Sheriff Arpaio can check that out too!

Toby Elster


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