Letter to the Editor of Oil & Gas Journal

The Editor’s Perspectives, Editor Bob Tippee’s ‘Self-contridiction glares in Obama’s speech on energy.” is getting to the nuts of things, but there is a little more that can be said.  Forty years of researching ‘What Went Wrong with America’ led to an untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of America being socialized and of the many traitors of the ‘high and mighty’, including presidents and their treason and treachery.  It also revealed the why, who, and how of those responsible, and how America got such as the Obama and his cabal of anti-American, Constitution-destroyers — necessary to move the Constitution out of their socializing America into their hoped for global government.

That Editor, Tippee, wrote, ‘What a howler!” to Obama’s speech of “we;re producing more oil today…”, and production is our goal, when all the Administration does is all they can to shut down fossil fuels and kill the ability, like the Keystone Pipeline, to maximize supplies and cheaper prices for political reasons, fits their expectations of the stated “Why”.  And alternate fuels are a farce!

The research went into the depths of the minds of Socialists and Communists.  Nothing new was discovered.  We knew what his ‘change’ would be.  One cannot believe anything they say; lies are used consistently as they have no truths’ their language is political correctness to hid their truth of deception and their beliefs; their greatest asset is corruption’ their worse fear is accountability and transparency.  They are masters at it from a 250 year history of experiences.  Those methods are not only used to destroy the use of fossil fuels, but also to win re-election in November!

Toby Elster


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