TWT National Weekly Editorial

Ted Nugent’s Commentary ‘Progressives are regressive”; progressives have fallen under the political correctness Socialist’s umbrella.  If one thinks out of the box, ‘Real Progress’ can come ‘easy and fast’.  The Socialization of America was exposed in four years.  The Progressives, as a political party, are the same as Socialists.  With a grassroots push, they can go too, out of Patriotic America’s way.

The original Progressives are of the Heglite Socialists.  They appeared in the Ivy League colleges as professors about 1850, and as a party in 1913.  Teddy Roosevelt, as an Independent, was the last of the originals.  The Fabian Marxists, used the Progressives as a foundation to socialize America.  When Socialism was recognized in the Wilson administration, the Fabians adopted the name.  The second generation of Marxist Progressives lasted through FDR’s tenure until 1945.  Communists of the ’30s and ’40s overcame Progressiveness, and they went underground, as all subversives then were considered Communists.

Progressives arose recently again from the Congressional Socialists Caucus, becoming the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  They are of the same Socialism of the Fabian’s Marxism.  They are also called Leftists, Liberal, and other politically correct terms to hid their socialism.  They infest every facet of America’s society, they are ‘regressive’ at best, and progress to destructiveness.

Toby Elster


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