TWT National Weekly – Why Newt 2012 is a poor third

‘I have based our presidential campaign on…discussions with the American people about…challenges facing our nation today.”, says Newt.  It is not that the ideas are wrong and a concern, but you must have misunderstood what the people are trying to say.

No, the people didn’t convey a wrong message, ‘No challenge is greater than making our nation energy independent…” it is.  I spent a career in the oil and gas exploration and extraction business, from the day it was governed by a few local common sense regulations into today’s government’s overburdened disruptions into higher prices and all the lies and ‘dreamed-up science’ by the Czars of Obama’s administration.

“Next year we can begin to implant it,” (an independent energy supply)  I doubt if I had to explain to Newt Gingrich about the globalist’s new world order’s Establishment.  You are overlooking the first necessary step to accomplishment.  The enemy in our midst has to be gotten out of the way first!  If not, it won’t happen!

At a conference of a staunch conservative group, I asked a speaker how they kept from getting infiltrated by America’s anti-American constitution-destroyers, aka Socialists.  Afterwards, I was approached by an elderly lady who wanted to know what I’d asked the speaker.  I answered her and the next question that I did not belong to the Group, but was there for the Constitutional Foundation out of interest.  The next answer explained that TCF researched the depth of why, who, and how America got an enemy within out of the way and destroy their political power, once and for always.  That could be done with a simple amendment to the definition of Treason to make the Constitution-destroyers the traitors they are, punishable for treason.  She looked at me an abnormal long time then state, “Don’t you die!”  And that Newt is what is on people’s mind — to save their America!

Toby Elster


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