Response to ‘Muslim Hate Groups on Campus’ by Daniel Greenfield

The booklet mentioned above is informative, points out an American problem, certain not useless, but not complete.  Where are the suggested solutions?  Where are the suggested countermeasures?  The truths are always necessary, but it is not enough.  For instance, page 42, regarding the Professor Gordon’s incident; ‘Instead the university turned a blind eye to the group, thus encouraging it’s groups to continue to hate.”  Where was the demonstration against the Regents or administrators for not upholding the basic tenants of the University?  That they are state employees makes it more so that it should be done!

Worst of all, where is the fight for the Jews of America?  To not protect themselves undercuts all other nationalities and religions.  Recall?  ‘First they came for…!”

Seventy to seventy-five percent of the American Jews vote Democrat.  Think Socialists.  The ADL serves the ‘high and mighty’ of a one-world government being anti-Constitutional Americans.  These are the Jews who will kiss the hand of those who will slay them.  Their offspring are also those who cower before those who want them dead!  Are they playing dead already?

Beside, the Brotherhood did not being in 1928.  They organized then into a political movement.  Their leaders went on a political offensive with the oil money.  They began around the mid 1800’s by an Egyptian Imam preaching fundamental Mohammedism in his mosque.  Mohammedism is the Muslim Arab’s problem.  Their religion was patterned on Christianity with Mohammed himself the prophet, supposedly as Moses.  His history reads that he created Allah who guided him, except it reads more like he figured he was Allah, a god.  Mohammed also created the Islamic faction of Muslims, those who followed him.

America was created by fighters who wouldn’t put up with such as the Mohammed jihadists of the Brotherhood.  America was built into peace and prosperity by those who fought the elements and any enemy.  The American Jews had better begin to understand they have an enemy that, not only believes, but knows they can kill them — and are.  It is hate today, tomorrow with bullets.  If they won’t fight those that allow the hate, tomorrow they are emboldened to use bullets.  Already they cower on the campus in a manner that America didn’t allow a few decades ago.  Socialists rule America!

Toby Elster


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