The American Legion Magazine

Alan W. Dowd’s ‘The Myth of America’s Decline’, ALM, April 2012, is mostly so, but there is also some truth to America’s decline.  Compared to the pre WWII America, there is definitely a creep towards Socialism in the society that is already evident.  That is responsible for our failing schools, corruption and divisiveness of today.  Where did it come from?  And the why is always from the ‘High and Mighty’ of wannabe world rulers.

The seeds of America’s socialism arrived around the mid 1800’s as the Progressives – Hegelite Socialists.  They moved into the Ivy League schools as professors and taught their beliefs.  Hegel’s beliefs appears to be the foundation of Karl Marx’s Communism.  That came to America in 1899 with the Fabians and their one-world government who moved their ‘New Education’ into the colleges of influence and government to educate the second tier of government into Socialism to attain their objective.

Woodrow Wilson allowed Socialists and socialism into his administration.  FDR, a Fabian Socialist, put it into the society with the New Deal.  From there, treachery and treason allowed it to blossom to create the rest of the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century.  It is years past due to get rid of America’s anti-American Constitution-destroyers in our midst and government.  They are in the way, keeping America from returning to her roots!

Toby Elster


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