To the American Conservative

Here are a few comments to share:

On Iran.  We are not dogmatic about wars.  Occasionally it is necessary.  The best defensive against wars it to be militarily so strong that no one will attack or tweek you — or your allies.  Plan A and B should always be in place, and plan C, which decides to use Plan A.  China is a threat.  I spent a year there and a Communist mind there or in the White House is no mystery to me.  I’ve predicted Obama, and he hasn’t proven me wrong yet.  Iran – Israel will take care of them.  There is no intent expressed to invade — only to take out their nuclear capability.  The Persian Gulf Arab countries push for that too, as they did welcoming us to take out Sadaam.  America has no leadership today! They all know it!

America is TCF’s concern with her enemy in our midst.  When we had — and have — ‘great’ Americans who have sent us to fight to save freedom, and now America’s greatest full blossomed Marxist Socialist was destroying freedom at home, we have greater problems here.  There are worse ones in the White House now.  These are full blossomed Communists making shreds out of America’s foundation, her Constitution.  The only solution is to destroy them, and that is TCF’s mission, solution and with a plan.  The Tea parties are on the same failed track of 60 years.  Their minds must be opened up to the sure, permanent plan!

That said, TCF moves to get rid of our enemy in our midst, and keep them out permanently.  When that message becomes common knowledge, America will be on the way to restoration of Her principles and greatness of peace and prosperity.

Toby Elster


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