Gas Targets by the Democrats

Right smack into the face of all the Democrat’s denials to cure high gas prices is to get rid of the ;no fossil fuels’ anti-American President, Obama.  Get him out of the way and the energy industry will have America back into sound, efficient, and cheaper prices in no time.

Recall when we got three different prices for the same crude oil under Democrat Jimmy Carter?  We got rid of him, things got straightened out pronto!  Get rid of Obama and that history will repeat itself!

No, these presidents aren’t stupid.  Carter may not have understood the consequences of his dictates.  But he served the Socialist United Nations as their lap dog and did as they directed.  Obama is a Communist who works for the United Nations.  Their agenda is strictly political — a socialist world under the UN’s global government — the New World Order.

There were others.  Woodrow Wilson was the first.  He put socialism into the government.  Franklin Roosevelt was the worst.  He was a Socialist and put socialism into the society.  Harry Truman wasn’t much better.  He could have put a stop to Socialism in America by cleaning up the mess FDR left him.  Instead, he served the high and mighty by vilifying a Senator who was trying to tell the people the truth about what FDR did to America.  It didn’t end there.

LBJ let the United Nations run his policy.  He created the War on Poverty, socialist welfare program that wasted a trillion dollars and accomplished nothing.  He started the Vietnam War then turned it over to his ‘Whiz Kids’, all five UN supporters, to run it.  The worst American fought war ever.  The Clinton’s were/are part of the American UN supporters as is/was George H.W. Bush, a proclaimed New World Order supporter.  He let the UN make the policy for the first Iraq War.  George W Bush, exposed the UN’s nonability and brought the high and mighty’s attack dogs on him, the world’s socialized media  History has yet to write the UNs part he was forced to let them do.  But TCF suspects history will disappoint the Socialists.

The Constitutional Foundation, besides moving to get the definition of Treason in the Constitution amended to make traitors of our Constitutional-destroyers, also has requested of the Kansas Congressional legislators to make it necessary for the FBI to do a background check on all wannabe elected or appointed officials, and make those records public.  Knowing the loyalty of those wannabes would put a stop to much of those who have served America so treasonously.  Something that every red, white, and blue American should also do.  When the people swamp Congress with a demand, things get done!  TCF assumes that many of our Socialists won’t be so eager to lie their way into office to legislate their anti-Constitutional beliefs, if the public knows of their truthful beliefs.

Toby Elster


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