Is Obama a Communist?

As a wag stated, ‘Everybody is good for something, even if it is a bad example.’  Obama is the worst bad example ever for America!  He is kept isolated from those who knew or know of him from his college days.  Considering Obama’s background there can only be one explanation.  Those who got him elected President don’t want them to say what they know about him.  That his associations and professors where with the core of Socialists and Communists.  He was educated into the beliefs of Socialism and that the United Nations was to rule the world.

His dictates, ignoring Congress, telling the Supreme Court how they should rule, leading by the rule of man, instead of the Rule of Law, speaks volumes.  They are the way Lenin and Stalin ruled.  King George believed that the King’s word was law.  The consequences of his law was the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War.  Human Events quotes Obama as President saying, “I am great, like Lincoln, Gandi, Mandela…” ‘The president believes he is among the great figures of history….’

There is very little difference between a Communist led country and a Kingdom.  Obama believes he is a king. Obama is a COMMUNIST!

No matter how Obama is looked at, twisted, turned, bent, extended or compressed, it all comes out the same.  Obama is a communist!  His administration appointments are Socialists and Communists.  The executive directives, end runs around Congress, unconstitutional interference with the justices, are all anti-free market capitalism and the beliefs of Socialism and Communism.

Toby Elster


One thought on “Is Obama a Communist?

  1. Another retarded racist. I’m sorry, That’s what you are. A racist. By your definintion.

    Obama is not a traitor or a communist, but a weak crony captialist being smeared by racists that hate having black people in the white house and it shows!
    Those claiming Obama is trying to destroy America are either exaggerating, lying, or fools.
    I’m not surprised by this, Republicans said from the very beginning that they would do anything, even destroy America, to stop Obama from getting elected again.

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