Public Education – A Top Priority that must be taken back from the Education Socialists

As movers for reforming education, things are not happening fast enough.  Forty-eight million, five hundred thousand K-12 students are being exposed to indoctrination of anti-Americanism annually and it swamps the opposition.  The class rooms are riddled with indoctrination into the United Nations world view, at the expense of Americanism with programs of lies in environmentalism, ‘peace poster’ contests that indoctrinates failed multiculturalism and borderless nations of a false peace, International Bacculaureate (IB) programs turning the brightest of students into believers of a global government, and much more, being hid by No Child Left Behind programs.  Education needs restoring from head to toes if America is going to exist as the Founders created her.  Those programs must go if the basics are to rebuild the America of peace and prosperity.  It was created by education, and education must be rebuilt.

I’m not sure what the reform of education is being pursued, but TCF has not noticed a concerned effort which leaves one wondering how do patriotic educators expect to solve educations problems with an enemy in their midst?  America used to have the finest, most effective education system.  What happened to it?  Who is responsible for it’s demise?  How can one find a solution to the problem to reform, if one won’t or doesn’t know or understand what caused the problem?  Education’s problem is not just one subject, it’s problem is education as a whole.  It is the top that is rotten and rots the subjects.  “Looming federal domination of education”, states a Cato release, which is where the problem is.  Of course, the UN needs to control the people to attain their objective of a global government.  That requires a a highly centralized government.  Fifty states and the county governments are in their way.  Education, as they are accomplishing it in American classrooms, is supposed to solve that problem.  Should they succeed, every discipline of the people’s activity will be directed from the centralized government.

As the military knows, to win a war, and America is in an internal war against her anti-American socialists who serve the U.N., one must move to attack those responsible.  Those responsible for education’s demise are the education socialists and many in Congress who cater to them.  It helps to know they succeed and that is revealed in how they progressed to where they are.

A brief summery follows:  America was socialized by the Fabians, Marxist Socialists, who also socialized Western Europe through education.  John Dewey was their disciple to spread their new education, socialism into American schools.  They penetrated and took over the National Education Association in the 1950’s.  The teachers were unionized for political power, and education in the classrooms was dumbed down.  Socialists need workers, they fear thinkers.  Carter, in the late 70’s, gave them the Department of Education.  now they had control of the classroom’s curriculum.  Americanism subjects were eased out and replaced by the UN’s world view.

The solution for education is an all-encompassing one.  To attack by the subjects and inform your members and the public of why education is in the mess it is.  Those at the top who stand in the way of fixing education must be discredited and dethroned.

Toby Elster


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