Sustainable Development and UN Agenda 21

The people should be grateful for your stand against this horrendous program.  These elected officials go ga-ga over a government dollar and never give a thought to the consequences before grabbing it.  The school board has the same problem.  The society is A) too trusting, and B) too immersed in their own doings to pay much attention to what ‘City Hall’ does — until it hits them between the eyes.  Hopefully, we’ll get you some new, better minds, to work with.

I didn’t realize the EPA was tied so close to the UN’s Agenda 21.  The political environmentalists of the EPA I’ve been fighting since their first press release in 1970 which was nothing but lies to scare the public.  That was twenty years before there was the science to back-up what I’d write.  When it came, I was never proven wrong.  The first sentence of a letter from June 2007 publication was broadcast all over the air four months later.  So, the UN changed ‘words and names’ as a defense, ignored the truths, and hope they can outlast the exposure, which is usually the case.  That is what is going to happen with Sustainable Development.

Your paper mentioned Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA.  She is as good a Communist as Obama is.  So was the previous one before her.

I seldom get into local events beyond a letter, except for school issues since our UN education Socialists control them.  My activity is to attack the top, the pushers for the high and mighty of global government, getting Patriotic America’s grassroots stirred up to move against our enemy in our midst, America’s anti-American Socialists and Communists — all working for the United Nation’s global government, the New World Order.  For that, the Constitution must be destroyed — should you wonder what Obama is all about!

Since stopping Sustainable Development, even here, will give the UN a black eye, I move to try to help.  Beside the three Commissioners making themselves vulnerable with their vote, Unruh, Norton, and Skelton, we must also expose the Hugo Wall’s personnel who push the UN’s anti-American programs also.  Those are the ones who have to be shut down — permanently.  Even if they do not know what they are doing.

Toby Elster


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