Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

In these political times of very minimum understanding of why America is in such straits of an internal political war, TCF is glad to know of those who understand and hold their ground in the battles to win the war against those who move to destroy all the good and benefits that America has provided.

Social Security and Medicare are certainly a big part of those benefits.  To retain the entitlements, and make sure that all the incapable to take care of their own needs are not omitted, needs some modification with medical and medicine charges to be brought under control, but is also threatened along with much that Americans take for granted from the socialism that has moved into America in the past century.  For all, who either only reside or guard against the enemy in our midst’s efforts and successes in their direction which threatens the foundation of Americanism.  Socialism is a system of idle promises, lies, and an ultimate disaster for the people since it can not deliver.  Socialism does not have a production means and ultimately fails.  As Margaret Thatcher said, ‘soon there is nothing to distribute.’

The Constitutional Foundation understands the way, the why and what of America’s enemy in Her midst’s operations and successful progression into America’s society, and the destruction of America’s foundation, which stands in the way of our Socialist’s objective, a socialized America.  As the National Committee pursues their objective, they must also make sure that their foundation that America provides remains sturdy and strong.  With three million members informed of what goes wrong with their America, which threatens America’s foundation and what Americans take for granted, would go a long way towards making sure America’s foundation — Her Constitution — becomes sturdy and strong again.

Toby Elster


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