Gas Price Battle

I have spent a lifetime in exploration and production of oil.

‘Gasoline prices’ — the comments are included.  Of the other, explanation follow below.  ‘High crude oil prices drive high gasoline prices.’ Absolutely, but that doesn’t address why high crude oil prices become high.  It is implied.

‘GE and Chesapeake Energy Collaboration’ – a better move than what T. Boone Pickens advocated.  He is drowning in low priced natural gas and wanted the government to build refueling stations.  He can use his own money.

‘How to go ‘green’ solar panels,’: Don’t expect all which the salesmen promise!  individual installations, as stated, have some benefit.  They are not worth the cost for a secondary supply for cities — not enough electricity generated.  My father made solar panels in the 30’s – We lived on the Southern California desert.  Summer daily temperatures averaged 110, sunshine 90% of the time – to heat water.  That worked great.  Not so great to generate electricity.  The real reason for the solar panel companies going under water.

‘Dodd-Frank’:  I was under the impression that was a fiasco for Wall Street and bankers.  Wasn’t the real estate house mortgages that generated the 2008 bust responsible.  That began under Clinton from Dodd-Frank’s ‘every one should have a house.’ A government program that the real estaters and mortgage bankers knew how to use for their benefit.  A congressional fiasco!

Crude oil began the world economy in the 1960s.  Cheaper crude in N.Y. from Saudi Arabia than from Texas.  The exploration end rode the ups and downs in fair shape — until FDR followers, our Socialists, got full control of Congress under Carter.  That is what is explained as mentioned above.

‘Ultra-low sulfur fuel in New York’: Yes, and that requires higher prices.  That requires more refining.  Why diesel fuel became more expenses than gasoline.  As a local refinery told us — it cost almost as much to rolling over and playing dead?  Is the EPA demanding cleaner sulphur than the volcanoes keep the atmosphere?  They are trying it with ‘clean air and water’.  Nature isn’t as clean as they demand it!  And 2% biofuels!  Except less efficiency.

Libertarian, Democrat, Republican, or whatever; not much difference anymore.  FDR gave the Socialists the country in 1935.  The rest are anti-American, pushing around the untold and unknowing patriotic Americans as one.  Only a few know about what happened to their America.  TCF is changing that.

Toby Elster


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