Tea Party Patriots – Jenny Beth Martin

Excuse the interruption into the busy days of today’s election, but as the Tea party Patriots take care of daily chores of current events, TCF continues it’s efforts of winning the internal war against the enemy in our midst and destroying their power and hinderance to restoring America to Her Founder’s roots.  The primaries aren’t going exactly as TCF would like to see it, but then, it is acceptable, since nothing ever does.

The message we receive from the people, besides them being mad, the amendment to the definition of Treason as proposed, is what they want.  They have said so!  Regardless of who the President is after November, that should be a must, to keep what has happened to America from ever happening again.  TCF can not see Obama winning any election anymore (unless in the U.N.) but he is doing all the damage he can as long as he is President.  TCF never hesitates to call him a Communist, and others are starting to as well.

Things get disgusting at times, but never discouraging.  For instance, in a speech by A. Regnery on Modern American Conservatism, he reviews the Constitution, but never once mentioned that it was under attack or had no way to defend itself.  Yes, it is being pointed out to him.  Don’t overlook the fact that America’s traitors have other ‘Obamas’ waiting.  I doubt if who is elected, they are not going to get a veto-proof Congress.  There is a lot of work to be done to restore Americanism, but it will get done!  The roots are growing.

Toby Elster


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