To Accuracy in Media

I do not believe the media and haver subscribed to AIM because I don’t believe and respect their efforts.  It is the truths that TCF follows and capitalizes on them.  It only took TCF four years to expose the socialization of America by making ‘Socialism in Amerca’ common usage.  Now, TCF attacks America’s enemy in our midst to destroy them!  That is a must if you are going to fight a war — and America is in an internal war against a deadly enemy — as your April letter stated.

That is the problem with conservatives.  In their 60 years of failing to even slow America’s socialism, they never learned how to fight them.  They are ‘blank’ on fighting the enemy.  They stay on the defensive, giving up the ‘high ground’ and allowing the enemy to regroup is a fatal mistake.  The high ground is a position of advantage which puts the enemy on the defensive.  And wars are not won being on the defensive consistently.  If patriotic America was aware of this offensive, next day the enemy would be on the defensive.

Toby Elster


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