The Pillars of Modern American Conservatism – The Intercollegiate Review

The captioned talk was very informative.  Even though my conservatism goes back a long way, I never gave any thought to conservatism going back to Jerusalem, Athens, etc.  I’m glad to have the essay.  There are a couple of comments the Constitution that have come to light in my 40 years of researching the why, who, and how of what is happening to America.  Your comment that the Founders created a government to protect both internal and external threats too….  I do not believe,, fi they gave America internal security, then they have fallen by the wayside.  America needs internal security very dearly.  The Founders also should have given the Constitution the means to protect itself.  Had they, America today wouldn’t be struggling to save itself.  Just telling us to guard the Constitution, has fallen to the worst enemy — the anti-American Constitution destroyers of the ‘isms’ of Fascism.  Has’t it been an asininity of self-destruction to allow the enemy in our midst to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution?  I’m aware that Socialism is a form of of insanity, but it appears it is in the people too, unless the fact that the people have never been told and do not know what has caused America’s culture to accept Socialism.

There are gaps in America’s internal security that the Constitution cannot prevent without the fortitude and firm stand of patriotism for the red, white, and blue that prevailed in the society prior to 1950.  That came to light in determining how the Socialists and America’s high and mighty traitors for globalism have progressed to threaten that which the Founder’s created.

I bring it to your attention with the solution to the short comings to internal security.  Our experience to reception of this proposed amendment tells us this is what Patriotic  Americans want!  The resistance, when encountered, comes from those who believe that the Constitution cannot be amended anymore.  Those are beliefs of failures.  We know better!

Toby Elster


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