U.N. Gun Ban Letter from the NRA-ILA

The captioned is a great letter exposing the UN’s Gun Policy.  But you underestimate what comes out of these greatest Socialists (and most likely some Communists thrown in.  The Socialists’ concern is economics and taxes — the Communists will rule the world.)  They not only want guns destroyed, but a few trillion dollars annual income to build NATO into the world’s military power, sans America’s.

I served in two of America’s wars to save Freedom.  The UN calls it ‘peace’.  That is Socialists political correctness for ‘we are lying’.  It is the same messages we hear daily coming from the same ideological bent people dictating from the White House, who are UN supporters.  There is only one answer to the likes of these anti-Americans in our midst.  GET THEM OUT O THE WAY AND DESTROY THEIR POLITICAL POWER!

This is what the funds of the Constitutional Foundation goes towards.  The NRA should so inform their members of the problems we face, and the solution to amend the Constitution, along with it’s efforts to stop the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty, and what else follows — what they have up their sleeve.

Toby Elster


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