Will America Survive as Her Founders Believed? — Yes if Patriotic Americas will fight!

A couple of book reviews grabbed my attention.  They set out the encroachment of Socialism, and Communism into government’s power seat, which the authors translate into doom for Constitutional America for tomorrow:  Patrick J Buchanan’s ‘Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?’ and Mark Levin’s, ‘Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America’.  TCF does not disagree or dispute the author’s foresight and understanding of the present situation of America’s dry-rot and corruption which brought about America’s socialistic state of lost Americanism.  The creeping Socialism helped along by the people’s Representatives, from approximately ten presidents down to the Socialist’s capture of the education system and their ‘captured’ socialism indoctrinating teachers.  But the authors of the reviews failed to mention that it can be stopped and reversed, if Patriotic Americans will move to more definite action.

The military is well versed in the principles of winning wars.  And America is in an internal war against her anti-American Constitution-destroying Socialists and Communists.  The enemy must be destroyed, rendered powerless and moved out-of-the-way.  Militaries are structured with an all-powerful commander at the top to keep its power and materials coalesced into a single force and a common goal, with the intent to win the war.

For Patriotic Americans to retake the power to rule, in an internal war, the Rule of Law must be adhered to even if the enemy is an established liar, ignores laws and thrashes the Constitution, commits fraud at the ballot box, and moves to win at any cost, they are vulnerable.  Patriotic Americans will win the war if they coalesce around a solution that will regain them the seats of power and move in that direction as military does — a single force.

The Constitutional Foundation puts for the solution that will destroy the enemy in our midst’s powers; and addition to the Constitution’s definition of Treason to make these Constitution-destroying Socialists the traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  Also, to move for a law, so that the voters know the loyalty of those who are seeking to serve the people.  An FBI background check of their educational and political ideology to be made public.  That should be reasonable for the people to know the kind of laws they will pass that they will have to live under.  Had background checks been required, would Obama have even been elected to the Senate?

The Patriotic America’s enemy, who currently hold the seats of power to govern, and serve the high and mighty, not the people, for a global government, been able to attain their positions through their lies, voter fraud, misrepresentation and govern as dictators of the Communists, if the people knew what their intents would be?  Yet, today, nearly fifty percent of those minds fill the seats of America’s governing bodies!  They change the meanings of our English language to suit their beliefs.  The Constitution reads of ‘equality of opportunity’.  That does not mean people should be equal!  Only that the laws apply the same to all so that opportunity is theirs to make the best they can of it.  Socialists talk of equality as all should be equal and that government should distribute the wealth — after what is left from the Elitists helping themselves first.  Equality of Opportunity built America’s greatness and might.  The Socialist’s equality builds the ash heap of destroyed societies.  What the authors were writing about and predicted for America!

Toby Elster


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