America’s Great Evil In Our Midst (Part 1)

What–Who is the United Nations?  They are the policy makers for ‘Sustainable Development’, United Nations Agenda 21 of which REAP, FHRC, et al, come from, and they have fooled the Joe Yagers, the Hugo Wall School of Urban Affairs, and many others who believe water, transportation and health are the issues!  They are not!  From Kansas to Turtle Bay, NYC, UN HQ’s, the strings of their money bait the hook!

So here goes — Believe it, and you are right.  Don’t believe it and you are mistaken, and hopefully, you don’t regret it, providing the believers win the war — America’s political internal war for which way America goes.  Back to Her Constitutional American or with European’s failing Socialism, that is the issue at stake!


The United Nations came out of a movement to socialize the world under the false belief that it was the cure for the world’s poverty.  Socialism’s poverty’s consequences, for the subjects, are the world’s worst of an economic slavery to support an economic theory that is faulted and doesn’t work — except for the elitist authorities at the tope.)  The Fabians, Marxist-World-Socialists movers, also adopted the idea of a one-world government.  The Fabians socialized Western Europe and the British Colonies proving their theory that a society could be changed through education and stealth, against the people’s wishes.  Then they came to America in 1899 to do the same.  Their efforts became a dual purpose; penetrate America’s government bodies with American-educated Socialists, and assist the wealthy internationalists in creating a one-world government for their economic advantages, for which they funded the Fabian’s efforts.  They were very successful!

In 1945, with FDR’ influence, American traitors and spies for the Soviets, gave the one-world wannabes and their Socialists their World Headquarters, the United Nations.  It was built in New York City on land donated by the Rockefellers, leaders for a one-world government.

The United Nations soon moved into America’s foreign policies, advising Presidents and their advisors.  The Korean and Vietnam wars exposed the true objectives and beliefs of the United Nations.  Leaders of a socialized society must control the people.  To control people they hope to govern, needed is highly centralized central governing bodies, from communities upward to the top, which has centralized control over all and dictates.

The United States efforts were to create a world of individual nations under democratic Republics — the opposite of what the UN must have.

The United Nations is very anti-American.  It moves to destroy America’s economic and military might, to undo her sovereignty, so America will cede to the UN’s desires and serve under their one-world government, the New World Order of people who live to their dictates of their tightly held central government of bureaucrats. From the local REAP programs of their UN Agenda 21, already proved a disaster by Portland, Oregon, and the UN moves to centralize America into controlable regions and districts and upward, destroying state borders, into a highly centralized nation under Washington’s dictates.

The consequences of the UN’s influence in their centralization and guidance of the people’s lives will come the failure of the world’s government into another Dark Ages, if they are not stopped soon.  These movers for a global government are very powerful and can influence to get much of what the United Nation’s desires from our legislature.  They already control bureaucracies, and America’s public education from K-12.  They have access to 48.5 million students annually and many are being indoctrinated into Socialism and the United Nation’s world view.  That America has attained a socialistic-belief cultures cannot be denied anymore!  Obama is only one of our Presidents they have had elected — either Democrat or Republican.  They have others being educated to their beliefs.  A SOLUTION: The FBI should have to make background checks on our wannabe legislators and appointees for the public to be able to judge their loyalty to the Red, White, and Blue before they have a vote!

Toby Elster


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