America’s Great Evil In Our Midst – The United Nations Pt.2


The United Nations is the HQ’s of the world’s greatest socialists.  It is the creation of the Fabians, Marxists, who adopted Cecil Rhodes’ idea for a one-world government, visioned for economic reasons.  Rhodes, who wanted a cheaper mode of transportation for his products from South Africa to England, decided a railroad to Alexandria, Egypt would reduce costs.  By the time the right-of-way would be acquired from dozens of nations, any savings were nullified, so Rhodes believed the answer would be a one-world government.  Rhodes’ money tried to create the global government until the late 1930’s.  Then the movement, headed by Lord Milner, with access to Rhodes’ money, feel apart for appeasing Hitler, believing they could control him.

But 30 years prior to then, what became the Fabians, had adopted Rhodes’ idea of a global government, who moved to socialize the world.  They had proved their theory that societies could be changed against the people’s will through education and stealth, not informing the people of their intentions, came to America to destroy the Constitution and socialize America.  They found a ready made platform from which to build their movement.  During the second half of the 1800’s, Hagel Progressive Socialist professors had been teaching their Socialism in the Ivy League Colleges.  Then John D Rockefeller, a very wealthy international banker by then, seeing the advantages of a world government, funded the Fabians with $11 million to have their ‘new education’, Marxist Socialism, taught in the colleges of influential disciplines to educate into socialism the second tier of America’s government; the advisors, aides and those of influence.

Socialism showed up in Woodrow Wilson’s administration.  Wilson was a Progressive Socialist, who was maneuvered into being President by the Rockefeller faction.  Socialism, recognized in the Wilson administration as such, the next day the media was calling it Progressiveness.  The Socialists of America already had control of the media!  (Which they still have to this day)  The era of Marxist-Progressive-Socialism was born and America’s government was legislating socialism, slowly, bit by bit, while the people were kept in the dark.  Through Wilson, the League of nations was the first attempt to create a world headquarters for Socialists.  The Senate killed the attempt.  In 1921, Rockefeller created the Council on Foreign Relations, to do what the League of Nations would have done; create world policy.  From the British came the Royal Institute of Industrial Affairs, to compliment the CFR, of the wealthiest of the internationalists.  With interlocking members and Directors, they began to set the world’s commerce and political policies.

In 1932, FDR was ‘made’ President by the underground of American Socialists and one-worlders, as was Wilson in 1914.  Also, since Wilson’s time, they had control of what America’s media would not report, the Socialization of America.  Nor that FDR was a full blossomed Fabian Socialist, and moved, with the New Deal programs, to move Socialism from the government into the society.  FDR was a believer in the USSR’s Communism for America.  His administration was riddled with Soviet spies and American Communist spies for the Soviets.  He was made aware of it by the FBI, but stayed unresponsive.

Even though FDR”s three socializing projects for America failed, he did set the foundation for the shift of power from We, the people, to special interests with the Wagner Act.  And with a handful of American Socialists and spies for the Soviets, he gave the world’s Socialists their headquarters in 1945 — The United Nations.  The spies gave China to the Communists, and FDR’s socialist advisors gave strategic areas in Eastern Europe to Stalin; which became the cause of the Cold War, and Stalin’s move to take over Western Europe.  THE UNITED NATIONS WAS CREATED UNDER THE GUISE THAT IT WOULD BE A PLACE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES TO IRON-OUT THEIR DIFFERENCES!

Toby Elster


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