America’s Great Evil In Our Midst – The United Nations Pt. 3

Harry Truman became President upon FDR’s death in April 1945.  He became as good a traitor as FDR was, even though not a Socialist.  Instead of cleaning up the spies and Communists in government that FDR left him, he vilified Senator Joe McCarthy, who was trying to tell the people the truths about FDR and what he did to America.  The only conceivable reason for the cover-up was to save the Democrat Party.  Patriotism was so for the red, white, and blue then, had the people known what FDR had done, there would not be a Democrat Party today.  It would have also been the end of the socialization of America, had Truman lived up to his Oath of Office.

From hindsight, which came to reality after the Vietnam War, Truman allowed the newly functioning United Nations to influence America’s policy in the Korean War.  What China would do was a concern when the North Korean Army moved south to unite Korea, which started the war.  America moved to aid South Korea, an ally.  The intent was also to reunited Korea as a western ally.  Truman announced they would not use the atom bomb.  In a war, one does not tell the enemy your intentions.  Keep them guessing!  With the allies’ army advanced to the China border, the Yalu River, the end of the war could be foreseen.  Absolutely unexpected, one million Chinese troops, fully supplied, attacked from the allies rear.  The public was told they didn’t expect it. Baloney!  No General can move that big an army, fully supplied and ready to attack, without it being detected.  In the military, the best defense is intelligence of knowing what the enemy is up to.  How it happened was silenced.  The media concentrated on the fighting news.

It became obvious that there was no Plan B going into play if the Chinese did enter the war.  General MacArthur and Truman were at odds with each other.  MacArthur wanted to attack the Chinese supply lines in China.  Truman said no.  The Chinese Army now had a sanctuary in China.  Korea ended up divided, as it was prior to the war.  The United Nations part in all of this ending will be exposed from the Vietnam War.

Since the United Nations has come to be, all but three Presidents have allowed the UN to dictate America’s foreign policy.  They are Eisenhower, Reagan, and George W. Bush.  Except under Reagan, America hasn’t won a war since WWII.  Previously they hadn’t lost one!  Reagan destroyed and stopped the UN’s move into the Caribbean by Castro.

LBJ was the wrose of the Presidents.  He started the Vietnam War, then turned the conduct of the fighting over to his ‘Whiz Kids’ advisors, led by Robert McNamara, all five of them UN one-worlders.  They directed the war on a no-win basis and not to conquer the North.  It became obvious why America hasn’t won a war since the UN came to be.  The United Nations doesn’t want America to win!

Jimmy Carter, as President, was a close second to LBJ.  He was a UN puppet, doing as they directed.  With a Socialist controlled Foreign Department of the State Department, the damage to America’s standing was severe.  The later consequences were worse!

In an author’s published letter in 1999, was stated, ‘The odor came from the UN’s boosters’, from recognizing the identical media attacks on the anti-environmentalists; killing the Test Ban Treaty; Kansas’ evolution vs creation ruckus; all in the same pattern.  They came from the same source.’

And there is more which began under FDR’s tenure.  Those who recall Pearl Harbor — did or did not FDR know the Japanese would attack?  Were the American forces not notified on purpose to be on the alert?  Currently, the consensus seems to be FDR did know, and history bends that way.  Then comes the similar argument about the Chinese Army slipping into North Korea.  Did Truman know and stay mum?  Hindsight of the Korean War’s conduct and ending has the United Nations’ similar objectives since then.  Even though the principles of those days are gone, the high and mighty for a global government carry on.  Those who direct the UN’s policy are still working towards the demise of the Founder’s America and their events carry the same odor as coming from the same source — the United Nations!

The United Nations became a reality for the world’s greatest Socialists when FDR was elected President.  The overall plan for the Far East, which the American spies worked towards, was a socialized Far East.  During WWII China’s Nationalist Government was being undermined so that the Communists would win their war after American troops left.  Japan, after the Japanese surrender, the American military turned Japan into a Democratic Republic.  The American spies for Socialism got exposed during the Chinese Civil War, and communizing China was as far as their efforts led.  After that the United Nations took over, and with the Soviet’s blessings, moved to unite Korea.

There should not be any doubts of why the United Nations is anti-American.  America’s Constitutional government stands in the way of their hoped for global government with a socialized America!

Toby Elster


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