To Family Research Council

The Constitutional Foundation agrees with the Family Research Council beliefs and efforts.  The petitions have been executed and returned.  The principle of TCF spent over 40 years finding the answers to those who are destroying America’s foundation — Her Constitution.  That is what FRC is trying to protect as well.  Everyone is entitled to their rights, but the gay community has no business trying to indoctrinate our culture with their beliefs.  But this is not the real problem.

Today, as your letter stated, they are forcing their ways on Americans, our family culture, etc., but who are they serving?  They are not liberals or leftists.  They are America’s educated into socialism and communism, who wish to destroy, not only Christians, but all of patriotic America!  They are America’s enemy in our midst!!! They are in the White House, Congress, the bureaucracies, and in every facet of the society, spreading their anti-American beliefs, and destroying the Constitution, which stands in their way for their ‘New World Order.’

So, if ENDA is stopped again, what has been accomplished?  The letter stated they will only be back again.  This enemy must be attacked to destroy their movement in America.  There is nothing wrong with stopping ENDA, except it won’t accomplish much.  That has been going on for 60 years!

In the 40 years of finding out what went wrong with America; from learning the why, who, and how this enemy in our midst accomplishes their objective, comes the solution that will stop their movement, get them out of the way, and render them politically powerless.  That should also be part of FRC’s message to the people!

Toby Elster


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