To National Security Fellowship Program ‘Five Grave National Security Mistakes The U.S. Must Address Strategically’

The analysis of America’s short-comings in security and strategy appears factual, but there are six threats.  America’s Internal Security is non-existent and should be number one, as it is the greatest threat – America’s enemy in Her midst.  You wrote of subversion of the Constitution.  The enemy within our midst is destroying the Constitution.  A complete lack of vision of this enemy’s threat gives them an open road to progress their objective.  I express it as the asininity of the insanity to allow then enemy within our midst to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution!  The enemy is of the same mentality that destroyed the USSR, and today Europe — the Socialists and Communists and their socialism.

There is a solution.  We must amend the definition of treason in our Constitution to include those who privately and openly seek to subvert the Constitution! Please, join our cause for America’s Sake.

Toby Elster


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