To the American Spectator

Grover Norquist probably has it right when he wrote, ‘Obama and the secular left are creating an ecumenical right — again.’ (June 2012 American Spectator).  Of the millions of words written on the coming election, it can be summed up as, ‘Obama lies; Romney counters with the truths.’  The truth wins!

That is something new in elections since Marcus Tullius Cicero, running for Roman Council (64BC) took his brother’s advice — destroy the opposition in any manner and way you can to win!

Obama is leaving, but probably not in as big a slide as he should.  The first time he spoke as a candidate, I knew his change would be Socialism and that he indeed was a Socialist.  The first promise he made after election, I’d tell all not to believe.  After his first year in office, I said he was a Communist.  He ruled as Stalin did, with the rule of man, not with Constitutional Rule of Law.  Unfortunately, he has not disappointed me once. Let’s stop this agenda now!

Toby Elster


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