Open Letter to the John Birch Society

The John Birch Society is an old time friend from it’s early days.  I believe it got a good start here in Wichita, Ks with Fred Koch’s help.  National Headquarters and Mr. McManus was a great assistance in the Constitutional Foundation education in doping out what went wrong with America.  That began in 1970 when I discovered that what I’d learned in military intelligence school was happening — that America had an internal enemy in Her midst trying to Socialize America.  TCF came to be in 2002 to expose the socialization of America, which was accomplished in four years.  Now TCF moves with the solution to America’s woes from her anti-American Constitution-destroyers.  TCF moves to alert Patriotic America to get the enemy in our midst, out of the way and destroy their movement with a permanent solution.  The solution TCF brings to your attention.

I attended a Birch Society Oklahoma Conference in March.  What I found out there, substantiated what TCF was being told from the members of other organizations.  That the message for destroying America’s enemy within our midst, getting them out of the way, destroying their movement and political power was what the grassroots was waiting for.  Once Patriotic Americans awaken to the fact that there is a doable way to get rid of the enemy in our midst and win the internal war against America’s enemy within, Her anti-American Socialists and Communists and their foreign ideology, America will be on the way to restore Her Founder’s principles.

The Socialists and Communists and their useful idiots who have penetrated the White House, both Houses of Congress, the Courts, the Bureaucracies, and all facets of the society, and mostly the control of Education and what is taught in the classrooms — the UN’s world view, in place of Americanism — can be eliminated, and eliminated permanently, with a simple addition to the definition of Treason in the Constitution.  Ad addition that will make the enemy in our midst the traitors they are, punishable for Treason for destroying the Constitution.  Just a grassroots move to enact the amendment will put the enemy in our midst on the defensive and disrupt their movement to finish the socialization of America and their move for a global one-world governemtn.  

Toby Elster


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