Ten Essential Reads from the American Conservative

The captioned was an extremely interesting review of some of the great minds of the subject.  Mostly it answers why America is in an internal war against a foreign ideology, and not mentioned once.  The answer to why those administrating America’s ‘Rule of Law’ are as Stalin would have.  Perhaps, if ‘Frankfurt School of Marxism’ was addressed for what it is, Fabian Socialism, those who socialized America, it might be better understood.

It is not that the authors are wrong, except on a minor point or two, they did not have any solution for America which keeps from saying, there many not be any ‘The Next Conservatism’, if solutions aren’t changed.  What the Conservative leaders need, is an education in the military academies to learn how to defeat an enemy — just the principles and why wars are fought.

For instance, we believe Lincoln was great because he won the Civl War.  Not so.  He is great because he understood the consequences of a divided America and stood firm on his principles.  The Conservatives have the principles, but where are they when needed?  One Reagan has proved not to be enough.  It was a 40 year Imperial Democrat Congress to create this mess.

What those great minds missed is that America has a Socialism culture — not those of the patriotic conservatives who won WWII.  Expounding their knowledge isn’t going to move the society.  The enemy must be gotten out of our midst, and kept out permanently, or they will be back.

The solution to America’s foreign ideological problems, her socialism that penetrates every facet of the society and controls the basic one that determines the culture of the society — EDUCATION — must be destroyed.  That can be accomplished with a simple addition to the definition of Treason in the Constitution to make America’s anti-American Constitution-destroyers the traitors they are, subject to prosecution for Treason.  It is a permanent solution that keeps Fascism from returning.

Toby Elster


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