To Mr. James Traficant ‘U.S. Following Ages-Old Formula for Disaster’ American Free Press, June 4

America is a Constitutional Republic.  That America is following in the footsteps of Rome or Athenian Democracy is a factual statement as well.  That the USA must get back to the COnstitutional principles has been a foregone conclusion since our moles of the Constitution’s destruction outed themselves.  Our moles are the anti-American Socialists, started their dastardliness a century ago, outed themselves in the 1960’s, and even today is not realized by a majority of the people.  Even though it has become common knowledge that America is being socialized, Americans are mostly vacant on what Socialism is.  The Constitutional Foundation exposed the socialization of America in four years.  IN 2008, the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles on Socialism in America.  It didn’t stop Obama from being elected.  Evidently, four years wasn’t nearly long enough for what Socialism does to a society to make Americans realize that is what has gone wrong with America.

You are right, America has a dangerous problem.  Even in the 1930’s and 40’s, patriotism held America together.  That the government was lousy with traitors, and media said nothing, those that should have, said nothing too.  If the Veteran organizations hadn’t been asleep on guard duty, I doubt if the professor who ‘argued that a democracy is designed to be temporary in nature’ would have been wrong in some cases.  A nation that is alert to the dastardliness of the moles of Fascism can stop them.  That information was kept from the people, our Highest and Mighty, including presidents; Wilson, FDR, Truman, LBJ, Carter, and Clinton were or abetted our greatest traitors, our socialized media has been exposed and stopped, American would never have lost her patriotism of the early years.  That patriotism was created in our ‘log cabin’ classrooms.

The Constitutional Foundation’s research of America’s Constitution-destroyers of Socialists and Communists, to seek out the why, who, and how America’s traitors were so successful, also came up with the permanent solution to get rid of, and destroy the Fascists political power and movement.  With them out of the way, the Constitution will be restored as will America’s society.

For America’s Sake

Toby Elster


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