Open Letter to Sen. John Thune

Thank you for staying firm to your campaign commitments.  But the Republicans are kidding themselves.  Until they realize America has an anti-American enemy in our midst, that must be politically depowered and gotten out of the way, America is not going to be made well or secure.

America needs internal security and she Her insanity of allowing the Constitution-destroying enemy use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution to gain their non-American objective as America’s foundation crumbles.

The principle of the Constitutional Foundation spent 40 plus years understanding America’s enemy and how they ended up controlling the Administration and half the Congress.  In replying to the survey, I didn’t notice much in there that addresses America’s real problem.  The necessary issues, yes — but!

May I suggest going to the Constitutional Foundation’s website and read ‘America Needs Internal Security’, in case the enclosed doesn’t reach you.  Therein, in the solution to America’s enemy in our midst that must be addressed to restore the Americanism of Her Founders.

Toby Elster


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