Chief Justice John Earl Warren Roberts

Your Constitutional Foundation does not claim to be an authority on everything the Constitution, but as experts on knowing and understanding socialism, we do believe we can tell when something smells like a rotten egg, there is something wrong.

The Constitution, TCF believes, is the foundation of America, which must be solid; as solid as mountains whose foundations are granite.  Obamacare, forced on the people as Communists make laws, attack the foundation of the Constitution.  Obamacare must go!  It was lied about, doesn’t represent what was said about it, and is destructive.  It is not a law we want.  All believed the Supreme Court, there to protect America’s foundation and the peoples’ freedoms, rights, private property and Rule of Law, would do it’s duty.  But all it did was uncover a ‘closet’ enemy of the people in it’s midst.

TCF researched the media to the meaning of Chief Justice Robert’s ruling.  The findings of those with the truth, the Conservatives, said the decision was wrong.  That it undermines the Constitution and gives the government a ‘free road’ around the Constitution and Congress to declare any assessment a tax.  My son, a major corporation attorney, and very apolitical, said the same thing.  So does the July 2nd Wall Street Journals’ double column Opinion.

Why Chief Justice John Earl Warren Roberts?  Earl Warren, as Governor of California, a staunch Republican, nominated by both parties for a term, was appointed as the Chief Justice by President Eisenhower.  No sooner was he robbed, and Warren outed himself as a closet Socialist supporter!  The President, when asked about his appointment, replied it was the worst mistake I’ve ever made.

The only way to save America from the ravagers that Obamacare holds for the people, is to vote in a Republican President and both Houses of Congress in November.  Mitt Romney has already said the first thing he’d do, if elect4ed, would be to get rid of Obamacare.  I can’t think of a way to include the Chief Justice too — unless his seat becomes so tormented and hot he’ll up and resign.  The experts of the pundits who are summarizing Justice John Earl Warren Roberts’ mind, don’t seem to know much more than I do, which is non.  In simplicity, Roberts has a screw loose, and America doesn’t need Justices with loose screws who destroy the Constitution’s power of the Rule of Law.


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