In Response to CMooreLiars123

The Constitutional Foundation is surprised that yours was the only one who commented negatively about Obama being a Communist!

There is an old saying that it takes one to know one, so if you’d like to meet a real racist, I’d suggest looking in the mirror.  Those of TCF go to great lengths to seek out the truths and let them fall where they belong.

If you were the person you believe you are, the proof of what you say would have at least used facts to back up your comments, which says, that you have no truths to your emotional statements.  If one were astute and had an open mind to accept truths, they would have at least done a little checking to determine for themselves if Obama was a Communist or not — but of course one must know something about the issue to determine a truth that comes from a fact.

We do know better to reply to messages of emotions and closed minds.  But in TCF’s exposure that Obama is Communist, it was stated that ‘Everyone is good for something, even if it only a bad example.’  That includes you so we point it out.

A government that allows human ingenuity to perform begets peace and prosperity.  A controlled government such as Communism, has gotten the people a total disaster of economic slavery.

Toby Elster


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