Mail Call to America’s 1st Freedom

Response to ‘Chance Encounters’ (A1F, 7-12) by Larry Krause states, ‘Do not try to ruin my country.  It is fine the way it is.’  I disagree.  It is ruined and needs fixing.  I was eight years old when I had my first gun, a single shot 22.  I could hunt wherever I wished.  At eight, I was driving a tractor, etc.  there were no laws denying either; no nannies or ‘do gooders’ (AKA Socialist) pushing their beliefs on the people.  People took care of themselves, and no government agent watching people over nonsense regulations.

Today, I spend my efforts, trying to awaken Americans that an enemy in our midst is destroying the Constitution, attacking the second amendment to confiscate America’s guns, which keeps the enemy hesitant to move faster towards their objective.  This enemy does not like America, won’t leave, and are trying to make America into their Socialist’s beliefs for a global government.

The Second Amendment is more powerful, fighting the enemy, then our Congress is.  That is why it stays under constant attack.  Patriotic Americans say your blessings that the NRA is vigilant.

Toby Elster


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