To the New American *June 25, 2012*

The New American, June 25, 2012 doesn’t leave much unsaid from Letters, ‘Limit the Vote’; ‘Labor’; Book Review, ‘America’s last big war — against Communism”; into ‘Correction Please! Resuscitating the UN’s Sea Treaty’; that doesn’t say the War Against Communism and Socialism had better start internally.  Those anti-Americans have to be gotten out of our midst if Americanism is going to survive their on-slaught.

We used to take for granted that 90% of American minds were patriotic.  Today? Perhaps 50%!  There is no telling anymore the minds of those we vote for.  But that can be changed so that people will know and judge accordingly.

As a fighter pilot, I was required to have a top secret clearance.  The FBI checked with every one in the small town I was born and grew up in.  Why don’t we have background checks, made public only to the findings, on those running for federal public office and those appointed or hired into positions of management?  All who are elected to Congress are given top secret clearances.  That is a joke!  A letter, with twenty signatures, went to Senator Roberts and Moran, and Representative Pompeo (Kansas) suggesting background checks were done on those assigned to sensitive committees.  No wonder the place leaks secret information like a sieve with half of Congress Socialists, some worse, and U.N. Globalists, all anti-Americans.  That isn’t good enough.

The voters should be able to judge the patriotism of those on the ballots.  Congress needs many more letters then America won’t elect Presidents et al, who are not American patriots.  A U.N. Globalist support cannot be!

Toby Elster


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