To the Washington Times Weekly *June 11,2012*

The Washington Times letters and commentaries, for those who can read between the lines, that Americans are in the same unrecognizable stage about Socialism, as they are about the Environmentalists, as Katherine Timpf points out in her excellent ‘Eco Tyranny’ series, that the environment is one thing.  Environmentalism is something else.  That is a political movement for a world of socialism and money.  Some even call environmentalism a religion — which would be without a god.  To the public, their minds are blank as to the argument.  One would believe they’d understand environmentalists as being watermelons — green, but Communism red on the inside.  Of their followers, the useful idiots, as being color blind; told their greens, but can’t see they are red.

So it goes with Socialism.  America has had an on going onslaught of it for over a century now.  It has only been four years since the Constitutional Foundation, with the Washington Times, and a few others, help has Socialism been exposed in America.  Unfortunately, that is where Americans knowledge of Socialism ceases.  They cannot recognize it in their midst or it’s consequences of destruction of American culture and mores.

Socialists know that to change a society into a socialist culture, the old must be destroyed first.  And that is what is happening to Americanism; with environmentalism as a leader, along with numerous others, and all UN programs moving the world into their worldview.  Socialism also destroys individualism, from a person’s self-sufficiency to one of dependency on others, not only the government.  That destruction of the human is mostly done through education.  That is why education was dumbed down as soon as our Education-Socialists got control of American public education beginning in the 1950’s.

Expose all that America’s Socialists have penetrated in our society, and the consequences thereof, and it paints a picture of why America and so many are in a state of destructiveness, politically and individually.

Toby Elster


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