Editorial to the Wall Street Journal

Do Editors realize the message that appears on a page every now and then?  For instance, the WJS, June 18th Opinion pages; start with Notable & Quotable.  The Pacific Research Institute’s Steven Greenhut at Reason.com, June 15th: In citing California’s problems, he noted, discussing political parties being one or two, and ‘how their solutions miss the mark’, explaining the State’s Capitol being broken; ‘but their naivete and failure to consider the law of unintended consequences is infuriating.’  He lambasted the ‘one party control by the public sector unions,’ and the problems they create.

Opinion headlines read in the mentioned Wall Street Journal: ‘The U.N.’s Internal Power Grab’; headlined letter, ‘Objections to the Sea Treaty…’; ‘Financial Union No Answer for Europe’; ‘Europe Sinks under Poor Leadership,’ and not to mention of where the problems come from as a writer Greenhut pointed out in California.  While what causes all those headlines come from a common cause, as the U.N. sinks Europe’s problems deeper.  And not a mention of the cause, which requires a solution.

The mentality that created the United Nations comes out of the Order of the Illuminati of the late 1700’s.  Even though the Order evaporated after causing the French Revolution, the mentality lingered on and, as California follows it, so does the Western World.

The mentality moved through Hegel, even though he never gave up his religion, into what became America’s original Progressives who kept the Illuminati’s mentality alive in America from the mid 1800s.  Hegel’s socialism has Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto fingerprints all over it, modified to Marx’s atheism.  That leads one to the Fabians, who, in the late 1800’s, adopted Marxism as a cure for the world’s poverty, only to prove Karl Marx was wrong about the workers revolting.  As the good Socialists the Fabians became, they didn’t give up, but decided that a society could be changed against the people’s will by education and permeation.  They proved their theory in western Europe’s colleges, and socialized western Europe, their colonies around the world, and came to America to do the same in 1899 to create their world government of Socialism.

The Fabians have been very successful.  They were funded by the wealthiest of the internationalists desiring a global government, and in America, they were abetted by some of America’s greatest traitors.  These traitors are responsible for the Fabians getting their world headquarters, the United Nations, and China becoming Communist.

The world’s problems are the Socialists, regardless of what they call themselves, and their socialistic mentality.  That is where the solution must start; undoing their mentality.

Toby Elster


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