Foundations of LIberty – Pastor James Patrick

If AMerica was only in a mess, restorable to Her Founder’s principles, would only be a simple matter of ‘doing the dishes’.  What the Tea Parties are doing, what the conservatives have been trying to do for over 60 years, would be sufficient.  America is in DIRE STRAITS!!!  She is under attack by a very anti-American, very powerful group of Constitution-destroyers, penetrated in every facet of the society, controls our government, and spread their poison at the expense of the people’s freedoms, rights, private property, and Rule of Law; nibbling away at them daily for their, as was stated by the captioned Foundation of Liberty’s (Socialism, Statism, Communism).  The mentality block we are up against; the people don’t know what they are, except something not good.

The Constitutional Foundation became from 40 years of researching the Why, Who, and How America’s enemy in our midst destroys Americanism.  TCF, in a mere four years exposed the socialization in America.  In 2008, the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles on socialism in America.  But it only made the semantics of Socialism, per se, common usage.  That doesn’t explain the dastardliness of the foreign ideology as a destroyer of human incentives and then the destruction of the society.  And that has settled into American culture — what you referred to as a mess!  It is done through education!

The Constitutional Foundation pursues common sense theories that are the base for it’s workable solutions to America’s enemy in Her midst.  First, one must know and understand what went wrong, if a solution is to be found.

The solution TCF puts forth is for a permanent solution: one which will get the enemy out of the way, necessary so America can be restored to Her Founder’s principles, which the enemy in our midst has destroyed; and a solution that will keep the enemy from ‘raising from the dead’ to try again in a future generation.  The offered solution accomplishes both, and once enacted, will allow Americans to concentrate, spend their energy, and their taxes to create peace and prosperity for the people.  That would be putting America back on the road she was on during her first 175 years, or until Franklin Roosevelt became president.  He made it possible to take Socialism from the government and put it into the society.

America is in a dire predicament because the Socialists captured America’s education system in the 1950’s.  They changed education from instilling patriotism to indoctrinating the United Nations worldview, and dumbed down teaching the basics to suit their beliefs.  Since the East Moline Christian Schools reversed that, the solution to America’s enemy in Her midst should become part of their education.  All of the schools must go back to instilling patriotism in students if Americanism is going to be restored to Her past greatness.  Patriotism was America’s culture in her unsocialized days, and must be once again.  That was the glue that held America together then and should once again!

Toby Elster


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