Ludwig von Mises Institute Response

Certainly, when addressing America’s political economic problems of the past decades, time is not an overriding factor.  One can be assured they’ll creep to the worst end of their spectrum.  As the Ludwig von Mises Institute does, the Constitutional Foundation also fights harder to correct the situation.

The Constitutional Foundation’s economic outlook was also well stated in the captioned letter.  But we moved further, and out of the box, as to why; with Keynsian economics a known failure, America feels it, as the letter stated, as the dominate system.  That economics has been murdered by the Socialist politicians leads TCF to define America’s political situation as an internal war for which way America goes.  With the Austrian school, if LvMI prefers, or the Socialism of Keynsian in total chaos of the European Union.

Where the problem needs attacking is the mindset of Socialism.  Get the Socialists out of the way, who destroy and prevent the restoration of America’s Austrian School’s economics today, and America’s road is not which way to go, but what is the best way to re-establish the issues the LvMI’s letter brought forth of what ails America.  The solution to accomplish such. comes out of knowing what the LvMI set out to be ready to take advantage of the opportunity for ‘American change’ of today’s crisis.  But it needs more.

America was fooled by what Obama meant by his ‘change’ when he was campaigning.  That is not important anymore, but the mentality behind it is.  That is what has to be gotten out of the way for a lasting solution.  For a permanent solution, to set the solution in the minds of the students and society, America needs to return to Her roots which the Founders planted.

Considering the cultural shift in America into a socialistic society, the political situation, and the power and wealth of the enemy in our midst, as the LvMI sponsors it’s conferences, books, and programs for Austrian Economics, the first priority has become today to destroy the political power and movement of the enemy who stands in the way.  How it can be done, the students must know too.

With the anti-American Constitution destroying enemy in America’s midst out of the way, recovery to what works will be easy.

Toby Elster


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