Open Letter to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute

TCF wonders what Washington and Lincoln would have to say if they were alive in today’s USA?!?  Also, if so, with Lincoln as President and Washington the general of the military, what they would do?!?

‘Abe’, speaks George Washington, ‘we didn’t create America for the people who move to destroy our creation.  It was supposed to last for an eternity.  All these Socialists, Communists, and foreign alien tongues that rather serve their tongue’s flag, who are here to take over the country we created for Americans, shall I call out the militia on them?’

‘George, who would have thought that Americans would be so insane as to allow all these anti-Americans who have penetrated to change America into their beliefs and to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution?  General, what can be done to destroy these American haters by the Rule of Law, peacefully?  America doesn’t need what the secessionists created again,’ replied Lincoln.

‘We’d better hurry, Mr. President.  Thank God for the National Rifle Association.  So far they have kept the enemy in our midst at bay, from trying something too rash.  They are under constant attack, trying to force the Patriotic people to give up their guns.  There are too many guns among those America,s and they intend to keep them.  But they are getting ‘itchy’ with their leaders.  I’d hate to be one of their enemies, if the people take matters into their own hands.  It would be far worse than the Civil War, and America does not need that.  What about the Constitution’s article on Treason?  About the foreign element in our society, wanting to destroy Americanism, Traitors they are!,’ Washington went on to explain. ‘Can they prosecuted as such?  That would change a lot of minds about which side to be on.  Those who have been misled by their teachers and became the useful idiots to their cause would take to heart these actions.’

‘Not they way the Constitution was written, General.  It would have to be added to the definition of Treason to make it so.  America has had sad experiences with laws against an enemy in Her midst.  They had a law to prosecute Communists — but it applied only to card-carrying Communists.  They had a hundred and a dozen in jail, then the administration changed, and so did the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  The new appointed was a ‘closet’ supporter of the enemy, and he got the law declared unconstitutional.  The jail doors swung open for the Communists, who were proved they wanted to destroy America.  Other laws that are on the books were either too narrow to convict but a few just gather dust.  Those who are supposed to enforce them re asleep on guard duty, or they support the enemy,’ said Lincoln.

‘Abe, what happened to Americans?  They used to be proud of America and as solid patriotic as granite!’

‘General, they were sandbagged.  The enemy in our midst got control of the media, and Americans are the untold and unknowing of the treason and treachery that undermines their America’s foundation.  The enemy got control of the public schools that used to instill the ‘granite’ patriotism.  Some call it cultural creep, but it was more like an avalanche that changed American culture, and has placed doubt throughout the society.  It is not the glued together society you asked about anymore.  The enemy must be gotten out of the way if things are going to change too for America’s better anymore.  The America we knew, except for the Civil War period, had a solid foundation to rest and build on — the Constitution which held firm to the Rule of Law — and protected the people’s freedoms, rights, and private property.  America’s foundation today is shaky.  There is going to have to be a lot of rebuilding to make the foundation solid again.  And the longer we wait, the worse things will get.  Nor can the rebuilding be done with the enemy in our midst.  General, we need an answer!’

‘Abe, I’ll give you the facts as I see them.  We can’t do much to the enemy without a permanent solution that depowers them and destroys their movement.  Everything that has been tried has been subject to the next election.  And if the people knew how much the enemy controls who gets elected, they’d faint.  You said that the enemy undermined America through education — then we must get the schools back and restore them.  The people must make it a crime of Treason to destroy the Constitution.  It will take an addition to the definition of Treason in the Constitution’s Article III, Section 3.  Wake up Patriotic Americans, get the truth of what is going on against you, and push through the amendment.  But recapturing the schools bothers me.  You mentioned that 48,500,000 students annually are exposed to the UN’s indoctrination of their socialism and worldview.  How many are there not getting that indoctrination?  Aren’t they being overwhelmed?’

‘That, General, is a good question, possibly without an answer, but they are out there.  Hopefully a few million strong, teaching leadership, about America, about us, and making the Red, White, and Blue flag-waving granite Patriots out of them.  They’ll lead the restoration of America.  But we have to get the enemy in our midst out of the way.  Their political power and movement must be destroyed and kept from coming back.  The amendment to the definition of Treason will accomplish that.  General Washington, you fought a revolution, and only asked for a few good men.  Those good men are still around, waiting to be led.’

This is what we are up against.  Let’s work to peacefully take back our country!

Toby Elster


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