How Dangerous are the Democrats

Did the unconstitutional decision have to happen?

It was the Democrats who killed Pres. Reagan’s nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court.  Had he been on the Supreme Court, would Justice John Earl Warren Roberts be there to destroy the Rule of law with his Obamacare decision?

Which leads to the Democrats greatest advantage over Republicans — or more of the same as above.

A bit of untold history: Bob Dole, America’s greatest Senator of perpetuity, a Kansas Republican, was known as a great compromiser.  Dole served most of his time during the days of the Democrats’ 40-year-Imperial-Congress, undone by the post office loan scandal of 1992.  For the Republicans to get any favorable legislation passed, Dole had to compromise or get nothing.  But why do the Republicans continue to compromise, only worse, in asinine ways?

Any legislation that the Democrats don’t want, their exhortations for Compromise or bipartisan is heard by the dead!  That continues, with any dirty trick, until they get their way.  So the Republicans compromise; the Democrats get what they want from the bipartisan agreement; and when the dust settles of the agreement, the Republicans have counterproductive results, stand around with their thumbs in their mouths, wondering what the world happened?

Of course, with Obama as President, bipartisanship is voided as his executive orders also nullify Congressional rights and the Courts.  And the people look at each other, wondering what happened to America, and go, shrugging their shoulders, not bothering to find out there is a lot they can do about it!  FIND OUT WHAT WENT WRONG!  And you’ll know who causes it.  The treachery of traitors involved will make you mad, and then miracles will happen as Americans will win Her internal War, and America will be for Americans as the anti-American enemies in America’s midst, as they are capitulated, only their backs will show.

Toby Elster


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