Letter to the New American

Federalizing Farming, The New American, July 9, 2012, the Author, Rebecca Terrell should have also pointed out the Department of Agriculture and USDA, created by Lincoln in 1862, and expanded by FDR in the 30’s like a hot-air balloon, is a prime example how bureaucrats grow the government!  Lincoln may be forgiven, since it was the start of the Civil War and food is a vital war commodity.  But FDR, a Fabian Marxist Socialist, was socializing America.

Bureaucrats expand their bureaucracies out of self-protection, self-importance, and not out of need or necessity with the help of benefiting politicians.  If those laws, when created, were submitted after a given time, so they get reviewed as to their need or necessity, it could stop much of what the USDA turned into.  The bureaucracy should have been shut down after the Civil War.  During the Great Depression, the USDA became a horrendous monstrosity and undoubtedly helped FDR prolong the Depression.  It destroyed food when people were hungry!

Toby Elster


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