To the Wichita Eagle 7/9/12

Jeff Longwell, Karl Peterjohn, a grant, and the Wichita Eagle — and strings — to where?  Only one of the mentioned stands for the America that the Constitution is supposed to guard.  What follows is what is told in the Wichita Eagle, headlined as, ‘Longwell, Peterjohn spar over federal planning grant,’ by Deb Gruver of the Eagle.  It is a sad, disgusting exposure of what America has come to and why.

Let’s start with the mentioned grant, a bait for the Founder’s American destruction.  All agree that government money comes with strings attached to accomplish bureaucrat’s planning.  But the strings for this grant only pass through Congress.  These continue on to Turtle Bay, New York City, into the United Nations’ Headquarters, who baited the hook.  This objective is to rearrange the state borders into highly centralized districts to nullify the States’ independence to better control the people as soon as their global, New World Order, gets America’s traitors in our midst to capitulate America to cede Her sovereignty, Her military and economic might, to the United Nations’ dictates.

How is it done?  Recall the Eagle’s 4/8/12, Bill Wilson’s Local and State headline.  Or restated as the first paragraph of the enclosed article on the United Nations, for the Eagle’s benefit, mentioning the U.N.’s Agenda 21.  Following are printed comments revealing what Agenda 21 is:

‘The U.N./Bilderberg-Agenda 21 project demands that member nations adopt ‘sustainable development’ policies that are little more than a disguise for the reintroduction of neo-feudalism and world reduce living standards.’ by Paul Joseph Watson.

‘…Ocean County, New Jersey approved a stinging resolution in February blasting the United Nations’ highly controversial Agenda 21, a radical plan to foist so-called ‘sustainable development’ on American by stealth.  The Ocean County legislators…recognized that the nature of the UN’s plan is ‘destructive and insidious,’ using much of the language from the Republican National Committee statement.  The county resolution also noted that approval or implementation of Agenda 21 ‘would ultimately destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America.”

I wonder if our city and county authorities who support Agenda 21, along with our Socialist professors, know who Lenin’s fools were?  Those were the ones who helped Lenin’s efforts to communize Russia that he had killed before they found out he lied to them, and turned on him.

The Regional Economic Area Partnership (REAP), the local movement to plant Agenda 21 here, as put forth by the U.N.’s useful idiots as fellow travelers through the colleges, such as the Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Affairs of Wichita State University, and the United Nations, and the emotional dreamers of Visioneering Wichita, do not belong in America.  America should only be for America’s believers of Her Founders’ creation.

Only anti-American traitors to America’s founders’ creation could support such an anti-American authority as the United Nations.  The Wichita Eagle owes their readers an honest, complete exposure of what they publish; by an author who knows of what they write’ or is not one of them.

Toby Elster


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